Hello. I am an OD (Organisational Development) and learning/ education professional with 20 years’ experience.

In practice this means I serve and develop individuals, teams and organisations in the fields of leadership and management, teamwork, coaching, talent development, careers, change, staff engagement, equality diversity and inclusion, and staff health & wellbeing.

As a keen environmentalist and lover of nature, I am also passionate about the sustainability agenda and am interested in working with individuals and organisations to explore how we rise to the challenges and opportunities of our climate emergency.

I am privileged to do fascinating and dynamic work and there’s always so much to learn.

I write blog posts to nurture my professional development and develop my writing craft. Most of it will be professionally related but I don’t stick rigidly to that; therefore occasionally you might find me writing about a surprise topic! If my writing happens to inspire or support others in some way then this is, for me, a delightful bonus.

Remember to laugh, sing, dance and be kind.

Photo (C) Abigail Hopewell