Journey of an OD Practitioner

Have you ever had the experience of going on a training course or development programme and, whilst you’re there, you reach a sense of inner clarity, purpose and/or determination to implement and integrate the things you’re learning?

Then, once you’re back in the swing of things in work and in life, that initial burst and bloom of enthusiasm and eagerness soon ebbs away; before you know it you’re back in your regular groove, doing regular things; those excited feelings and determined mindset now seem like a distant memory – hmm, did I just imagine all that?

This has happened to me on countless occasions. Last year I embarked on an amazing and thought-provoking development programme which achieved exactly what I described in the first paragraph. I have since discovered that the second paragraph has manifested and continues to compete for domination. This makes me a little bit sad, but I also recognise it’s a pattern of mine that I would like to start shifting.

So to get myself riding on the backs of various wild horses which run through my imagination on regular occasions – all of these beautiful mares symbolising my hopes, dreams and aspirations which dart around; I’m experimenting with strategies to rein, tame, grow and celebrate them.

One strategy is to write. And so it begins…

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