What do you bring to the room?

How you show up matters. Whether you like it or not, your arrival to, presence at, and departure from, a situation has an impact of some kind on those who are there.

Big or small, mindful or thoughtless, loud or quiet, active or reflective. It matters.

What you say, how you behave, how you look, your level of attentiveness/distraction. These things can matter.

Your stated position/job title, your past experience, your current knowledge and your acquired wisdom. These will influence your own impressions, behaviour and those around you.

Your relationships and experiences with those you’re in the presence of, what they know about you, what they believe and may assume about you – which may or may not be true – matters.

Power and personal presence are multi-faceted and complex qualities that we navigate (and there’s no reliable, linear “how-to” guide that I’m aware of). Nevertheless they are “yours” to embrace, practice and display.

We can all learn to get better at recognising the power and presence we have; to own these and cultivate them; to be proud and grateful for these; to honour and respect the forces of power and presence which reside in every one of us.

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