Have you got around to it?

When I was a young teenager, my parents – much to their delight and amusement – gave me a souvenir plate to hang in my room. The plate had printed words across it, duly explaining what the plate was: a Round Tuit.

I inherited the Round Tuit from my Grandpa….one of a number of artefacts, heirlooms and nick-nacks we held onto when clearing out his house as he moved into a nursing home.

A Round Tuit, in case you’re not familiar, is a special item to behold especially for those people who have been claiming their need of one over many years. Below is a copy of the words found on a Round Tuit which explain its purpose and significance:

At long last,

we have a sufficient quantity

for each of you to have his own.


These Tuits have been hard to come by.

Especially the round ones.


This is an indispensable item. It will help you

to become a much more efficient worker.

For years we have heard people say

“I’ll do this when I get a Round Tuit”. Now

that you have a Round Tuit of your

very own, many things that have

needed to be accomplished

will get done.

It was funny to be given this by my parents but also embarrassing and annoying because, well, I was 14 years old…!

The plate is no longer on display although I still remember its message. My wonderful parents continue to enjoy the odd joke and dig at my expense, because whilst I still own the Round Tuit even today I occasionally to struggle to get round to doing things. Funny that.

What Round Tuits reveal to ourselves is the ease with which we can sometimes push actions down our to-do/priority list. Perhaps because they are a little difficult, a little boring, seem not important/gratifying enough compared to other things, or we lack sufficient belief in ourselves (or the task) to carry it through.

Mum, Dad, and Grandpa – thank you for my Round Tuit.

Note – an earlier version of this article appeared on my old blog. (now retired). I am happy to republish it here.

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