Blogging again

Yes. It’s happening. I am recommitting myself (once again) to the craft and discipline of writing an occasional blog.

To be fair, the hiatus of activity on my blog is a familiar pattern that I have seen play out in my life with a few other things as well.

I get into something. Then I fall out of the habit. Then I persuade myself I didn’t really want to do it anyway; I wasn’t any good at it; I didn’t enjoy it; it’s not making a difference so why bother; there’s a good show on Netflix I’d rather watch; I am too tired; I’ve got too many other things to do. Etc.

Perhaps all of the above is true…sometimes. Because also, sometimes, I do want to do it; sometimes I am not bad at it; sometimes I do enjoy it; sometimes maybe writing makes a little difference (to me, at least); sometimes I have had enough of entering a Netflix-induced comatose state; sometimes I feel energised enough to write (like now); and sometimes I just decide to prioritise writing over other things (because there will ALWAYS be too many other things to do). Etc.

So I am blogging again. Sometimes. Come join me on my sporadic fairy tale adventure…

2 responses to “Blogging again”

  1. Good to see you back! Much more creative than Netflix, although there’s nothing wrong with Netflix!

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