Time to Change Our Socks?

I love the blog post below which I am reposting here following world downs syndrome awareness day earlier this week. It was written over a year ago but speaks to the stigmas which maybe unwittingly reinforced by well-meaning awareness campaigns.

In spite of marathons of progress over the years, Downs Syndrome continues to be a misunderstood and stigmatised condition. My first-hand experience of interacting with people with Downs Syndrome is a mixture of pure joy, love, laughter, occasional frustration, learning, and plenty more besides.

In that sense people with Downs Syndrome are no different to anyone else in life…and just as unique and special.

It’s the morning after the day before and across the globe odd socks wait to be reunited with their rightful pairs. Until last summer, when the glorious Baby Scribbles grabbed an extra chromosome in his rush to join us, I’d *never heard of World Down’s Syndrome Day so I really wasn’t quite sure what kind […]

Time to Change Our Socks?

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