WordPress has started a new thing called #wordprompt where every month I receive an email with (amongst other things) a word prompt from which to write a blog post. This month the word is ‘bridge’. May as well give it a go.

I am prompted to write a short poem on something I have been thinking about often during these dark times….

He blew up a bridge to save and defend

his country, values, people – all of them.

He gave his life to save fellow comrades,

protect his tribe from missiles and grenades.

A bridge served freight, convenient connection,

families, friendship, collaboration.

A bridge, precious life – both gone for the good.

Now to build bridges of friendship and love.

Vitaliy Skakun Volodymyrovych blew himself up along with a bridge to stop Russian forces entering the mainland of Ukraine via the Russian-occupied Crimea. The bridge was mined and he was unable to get away in time so sacrificed his life along with the bridge to delay the progress of the Russian army.

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