Lessons from… a new series

This year, like every year, I have a goal to read more.

I have a growing pile of unread books towering somewhat precariously on top of my small filing cabinet…an almost daily reminder to me whenever I settle down to work in my make-shift home office. Not only that, I also have a virtual pile of audible books to listen through. I do enjoy audible, especially as sometimes I just feel too tired to read the old-fashioned way at the end of a working day.

A good portion of these books are non-fiction. Generally speaking I enjoy reading non-fiction, and if it’s a goodie I will frequently glean nuggets of wisdom and experience flashes of insight. A few of the author’s ideas will resonate and fortunately stick in my long-term memory; so many unfortunately drift, well, back to the page on which they were published, never to see my light of day again…

Thus, to help me both learn more and learn better, I am starting a new, occasional blog series called ‘Lessons from’ (catchy) to summarise and encapsulate key learning I have taken from a recently-read book.

First one is coming soon…

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